• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

5 Must- Haves in My Bag

I am a bag lover! I think I fell in love with bags when I had my first child. I loved having that baby bag. Then I graduated to a band bag…I am a band mom. I make sure I have everything you can think of for those trips because they are long. Many times, we leave in the dark and return in the dark.

So I have gone from not having enough in my bag as a teenager to having too much in my bag as a mom. However, I have determined the five main personal things I must have in my bag at all times. There are other things I try to keep for various reasons, but these five will apply directly to me. They are:

1. gum or candy

I am a firm believer in not having bad breath. I make sure I keep something in my purse to keep a check on that.

2. a snack

I am diabetic, so I must keep something to snack on in case my blood sugar levels begin to fall.

3. chap stick

I do not believe in dry lips. Not only is it painful for you, it is painful for others to look at also.

4. hand sanitizer

I have always been paranoid about germs. Covid is not helping. I keep something to clean my hands in my purse.

5. tissue

I keep tissue for runny noses, sneezes, minor cuts, spills, etc. This started when my kids were toddlers, and I was no longer carrying a baby bag…yes, I stopped regrettably at some point.

What are your must- haves? I would like to see what you can’t go without.

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