• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

Always Make the Lemonade

Life can be rough. It will throw lemons at you when you least expect it. How you deal with those lemons is what matters.

Well, what does it take for a person to have that fighting mentality? There is no correct answer. For me, it has been a combination of things that have to do with me kids. I wanted them to see me as human, but strong.

Everyone has bad days, but you can't allow the bad days to control you or your outlook on life. My children have seen me cry, laugh, fume, worry, and clown. I know many would disagree with being transparent with my kids, but I will say I did wait until they were older to be more transparent. They were well into their teens, before began sharing more. My belief is I would rather be the one to explain certain issues to my children over someone else who may not have the same beliefs I have and want for my them.

I also want them to understand that you can never give up. Many days, they will have to be their own best friend. They will have to push themselves when they really don't want to. they will have to love themselves when no one else will. They will have to celebrate their accomplishments alone sometimes.

So, I firmly believe in fighting the good fight. I have always felt that way, and it intensified when I was blessed with my children. You can't expect life to be great all of the time, but you can cave in to the problems either. Have faith, pray, and remember that trouble doesn't last always.

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