• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

Chicken Rant

The end of daylight savings is killing me! The darkness comes so fast, and when it does, I am done. I get so sleepy. I beginning to think I am a chicken. They go to roost when it gets dark, and I want to get in my bed.

Although I am off of my regular job, at a decent time, my travel time takes about thirty more minutes off of what is left of daylight. Besides that, usually have a ton of things to do when I get home. However, I can only manage a few things before the sleep hits me. I wake up early in the morning…3:30- 4am, and I can never fall back to sleep. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired and sleepy.

Then this blog challenge does not help. I find myself up later than normal trying to get an article done. I am not mad at it though. I am trying to improve my posting. It’s hard! It’s funny that I made a list of topics that I am not using.

Well, I have complained enough tonight. It’s time for a shower and bed. Good night!

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