• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

Container Garden: Summer 2020 Results

I must say; I am impressed. I did have a few failures, but that's okay. Although I have some gardening experience from helping my mother and grandmother, I stepped out on a limb with container gardening due to where I currently live. If you wonder what's different? Lots. I will share in another post. I planted simple, and definitely, not enough. My successful plants were my cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, and radishes. Oh, the cucumbers were sweet! My calla lilies, marigolds, and my daughter's zinnia are beautiful. My failures were the watermelon, squash, okra, and some herbs. I planted the failing plants in the ground that I did not prepare properly. I think I over- watered my cilantro. So, I learned, and I am excited about my fall garden. A post will come with my fall garden plans.

I will insert some pictures below.

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