• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

Container Garden Vs. In-Ground Garden

I am back with my promised blog on planting in containers compared to in the ground. There are five conditions I noticed and considered important when deciding which way you will plant your garden. I do believe I prefer planting in the ground, but I will make a final decision after doing a raised- bed fall garden. Now, there were some things that may or may not have affected my opinion on container gardening.

In my current location, my front steps comprised with a tiny porch became my container location. This became a crowded mess. After watering, it became a sloppy, crowded mess. I didn't like it. As the plants grew, the crowd expanded. If I have to do it again, I will move it to the side of the porch on some type of shelving. An in- ground garden will automatically have its space away from the house.

Along with making sure you have enough space for your containers, consider how much sunlight will be on that area. Some plants need a lot of sunlight, and others prefer more shade. So, make sure you are planting vegetables suitable for a lot of sunlight, or create some type of shading for the plants that need less sunlight.

Another issue gardeners have to deal with is pests. In- ground gardens have a lot of pests to control. However, my container garden did not have any (at least, not this time). I prefer chemical- free (organic) gardening, so I purchased some

oil and made a spray, but I didn't have to use it.

Finally, container gardens can be limiting to the amount of vegetables produced. In- ground gardens wins this category without a doubt because the larger the space, the more produce you will collect. Be prepared to have a large number of containers if you want a large quantity of vegetables. It was a trial for me, so I only planted a few things therefore, I only made a small amount of produce.

In conclusion, both types of gardens have positives and negatives. It really depends on the space you have, the time you have, and just how much you want to make. Either can help make some or all of the food you desire. If you have any questions, let me know.

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