• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

Election Day With My Kids

Today was a special day. My second born recently turned 18, and he participated in his first election. I was excited to drive up with all of my children. Yes, all. I had my 15 year old in the car, and she couldn't get out, but I wanted her there. She took the picture of me and her older siblings after we voted.

Tonight, he is engrossed in the reports coming in. I warmly smile inside. It usually takes years to see parenting results, and I was able to see one today. I worry a lot about my parenting skills. I am a "mingle"...married, yet single. My husband jumped ship a long time ago, but we have not signed the papers to be legally over. Hence the term... mingle.

Back to the topic for tonight, over the years, I have tried my best to raise my children to be caring, honest, and responsible. Being a good citizen is included in that equation. One of my strategies with my children is modeling certain behaviors that I hope to see in them as adults. We all know children will do what they see us do, so I have never failed to discuss whatever current elections are coming up in our county, state, and nation. We watch and read reports about the candidates, and I explain why I am choosing the candidates I am choosing. I hope they do the same with their children in the future.

What are some strategies you use to instill in your children lessons they will use throughout their lives? I would love to read them!

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