• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

Finding My Niche

As you probably noticed by now, my topics are all over the place. My original idea was to focus on my lifestyle change. Then I thought about my job, and my other many interests. I figured I could write about it all and have plenty of content. It has not turned out the way I wanted. I realized I have become more indecisive Although I am interested in many topics, I have to become more focused. I have spent a number of days trying to decide what my niche should be. I also analyzed my Instagram and other accounts, and came to the conclusion of returning to my original topic. So, even though my posts have been random, they will become more focused from this point forward. I will dedicate my other accounts for a few of my other interests.

Look for more articles on living a plant-based lifestyle (not vegan), growing my own food, and how it is helping my health. As I grow my podcast and YouTube, blogs relating to those uploads will also be posted. I am excited to get going and make some great connections.

If you would like more on what I discovered about a broad niche, leave me a comment with your question.

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