• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes


I am truly grateful. I have always been very thankful for everything in my life including the bad parts. This year has tested everyone. However, I was pushed even further this Thanksgiving. Let me share my little story with you.

On Wednesday evening, I began my usual prep for Thanksgiving dinner. I had my girls in the kitchen helping me. We mixed the first cake. It was a first for me…chocolate pound cake. We had the oven warming while we were measuring out the ingredients. We were laughing and enjoying each other.

So, the cake batter was ready. We poured it in the Bundt pan, and placed it in the oven. Everything seemed fine. I turned the oven light on a few times during the bake time. It was rising and looking quite delicious. When it came near to the end of bake time, I went in with the toothpick to check. I was in awe when I pulled out a wet toothpick! The oven died! I was heartbroken. What was I to do? I had a turkey for my family. There were other goodies that needed baking as well.

I first, I was angry, but I remembered something. It could have been worse. I began to think about all that I have. I was grateful. As I thought of the things I have, I remembered there are others who wished they had, what I have. This was a bump in the road for me and my family.

On the lighter side, I borrowed my mom’s slow cooker, and I was still able to prepare a turkey for my kids. That was new. I made the dressing and macaroni in crock pots as well. My family was satisfied, and so was I. All in all, be thankful, and do not take the little things for granted. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and continue to stay safe.

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