• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

Is it Time to Leave?

Are you feeling like changing jobs? If your are having these feelings, it is possible you need a career change. Check out the lest below:

1. Anxiety. When your anxiety goes overboard with thinking about or going to your workplace, it’s time to leave.

2. Irritated. When you’re irritable at work or with work related activities, it may be time to leave.

3. Daydreaming. When you start daydreaming about working somewhere else, it may be time to find another job.

4. Tired. When you are mentally and physically tired of your job, it may be time to leave.

5. Dread. When you begin dreading going in to work, it may be time to leave.

6. Indifferent. When you no longer care about the job or anything that happens related to it, it is time to leave.

What are some others Signs it is time to find another job? Leave a comment.

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