• Lynelle McMillan-Holmes

My First Time: Vision Board 2020

With this new year, I have new goals. I also decided to try new things to help me move forward. This includes developing routines, making monthly and weekly calendars, creating a budget, and more. One of these changes include making a vision board. That was a difficult task! I wanted it to be very specific, but I am not sure I accomplished that though. I also added a word of the year.

I am not completely satisfied with this, but I couldn’t spend any more time on this board. I have included a picture. I was all into the cartoon-like pictures when I started the board, but by the time I was done, I didn’t like them, but I am not going to change them at this point. I think it looks like a child’s board. Anyway, my word is: INTENTIONAL. I want everything I do to be a step towards some goal. I have so many goals, I cannot do anything without reason.

I decided to divide the board into personal and business. As it shows, I have a lot going on for business because I really need to get my hustle on. My job is not cutting it financially, but whose is, right? The struggle is real! I have this blog. I recently started my podcast, and a YouTube channel. On my personal side, I have goals of losing weight and getting another degree. Along with these things, I also want to spend more time having fun with my family, traveling, gardening, and getting focused. At the same time, I hope to motivate others with what I share about my life. Finally, I want to save more money! I have not been doing a good job with saving. I am hoping I will be more motivated to do all of these things with you guys holding me to it. I want you to push me so that I can motivate you!

So, tell me what you think about my board. Give me some suggestions on how I can make it better next year. Yes, I know my vision board is sort of late considering it is late February, but better late than never, right?

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