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Plant-Based Lifestyle Change #1- Almond Milk

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Milk. Over the years, I slowly stopped drinking cow’s milk. Having read different articles about what cow milk actually is, I grew to dislike it and and almost gag to drink it.  I could tolerate it in cereal, but as years came and went, I stopped eating cereal.  I couldn’t even drink it flavored. Strawberry milk used to be my favorite!

In college, I tried veganism, but I didn’t make it long enough to change my milk. Heck, I didn’t even know “other” milks existed beyond cow or goat. Over the years , I learned of other milks.

More recently, I kept watching the almond milk case. I hoped manufacturers would make small one- serving containers. Of course not! I didn’t want to pay for something I couldn’t drink hence, money wasted. Finally, I gave in around a month or so ago. The carton sat in my fridge for almost two weeks before I finally decided to open it. 

I wondered about the flavor. Would it taste like chewing on a mouth full of almonds? I wondered about the texture and consistency. I didn’t want anything thick or watered down.

Finally, I took a deep breath and opened the carton. I poured up about a half cup and tasted. I was pleasantly surprised. I have since tried it in cereal, and it was awesome! I hope all my plant-based adventures will be as satisfying.

It was the  generic Walmart brand. Yes, I bought it because it was cheap. I like cheap. The carton was under $2.

Read, comment, and share. Tell me about your first experiences with plant-based foods and recipes. What are some delicious ways I can use almond milk? I will be waiting.

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